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6 Ways to Make Someone Fall in Love With You Naturally



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Have you try loving someone and it seem difficult? Perhaps you have device so many means yet it did not work. That’s not the issue. The issue is you really want to have the person for a keep. Some times it can be difficult to see a situation where you love and get the same result of loving back.


If destiny had it that when you feel deeply affection for someone you immediately get what you want believe me, “love” will be taken for granted. So, people have to learn to rerune the love of those who love them.

That’s a very good notion, but some people have a way of controlling the uncontrollable. Yes there are people who clearly believe in getting things real. They don’t believe that the impossibility can happen or they is any sort of thing as not getting what you want in life. Otherwise they would just accept fate and the way things come.

Basically, if you happen to love someone and the person doesn’t love you back you would have no other option but to simply let the person go.

Even at that love never dies, and you can’t give up easily on it. The heart knows where it belongs and once the heart finds where it belongs it’s hard to let go.

That is why people would always say, “love is blind”. It sees no wrong on its victim. It can chese it’s victim to any extent and finally makes victory. Most times In the process of chasing its pre it gets hurt over and over again yet it gets up and continue the chase until it finally wins.

There are some simple logic of loving someone for real and you so much
Desire that the person should love you back. The logics are so clear. It does not require great effort. It does not require your going extra miles. It does not even need that you do some sort of diabolical stuffs. It’s very simple.

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Now in the first place the human heart is like a spirit, it goes to where it can find its identical
I am talking about true love. Someone can easily fail in love with you if both of your spirits relates. It’s just like in the physical reign where people mingle with people of the same mind.

Love is like a spirit it can only love whom it want to love. On the contrary love can still make another love to love back. This is logic right! It simply means you are love, and you can still make someone’s love to to come to your love.

So, someone by the side might be asking can you perform magic or voodoo for some ones love to reciprocate. The answer is no! All you just need to do is bring out your natural self, by following the tips below

  1. Show affection towards the person
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The other meaning of affection is love. In the first instance you have love this fellow, but the person seem not to notice yours signs. It’s alright then make the fellow your friend. Approach the person at random and volunteer to do one charity or the other. Make sure your charity is coming real from your heart. Don’t expect any refund but simply because you love.
Now, there is a secret about affection. When you render some kind of help to someone you want a reciprocation of your love don’t ever expect any reward and don’t care a dim for one. Give and act then also have the intention that even if the person doesn’t value your charity then its okey. You will accept it. It might not be easy for you not to accept nothing in return but teach your heart to accept it that way. Remember I once said above that the heart is like a spirit and it goes to where it can find its likeness.

Now you might ask so, what happens if after giving a sort of help or charity and the fellow still fall for your love. That’s a nice question and it’s very possible to happen. Don’t give up still continue. “Love is patience.” You have given kindness so wait patiently it wil come. Still continue your kindness while it comes.

  1. Show more practical affection
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The simple and ordinary true meaning of love is sacrifice, care, happiness and understanding in fact anything that has to so with moral ethical behaviours. It includes moral because if you love someone you won’t want anything wrong to befall the person.
So if you want someone to fall for your love, I bet you won’t want something of wrong records to happen.

So how do you become more practical ?

Smile at the fellow each time you meet him or her.

Yes and indeed your heart longs after the person. You might feel like approaching the person and demanding the reason why he or she wouldn’t love you back. If you do that the love might flee away. So you need to take it calmly.

It does not cost anything to smile. So make it a daily habit to give him or her a stright from the heart smile. Leave a genuine impression of your smile in the persons mind.
If you keep smiling at the fellow at all times and may sometimes approach him or her and say a few words. The persons heart will respond back. It might not be immediately but can be on a gradual process.

3.Start showing some simple gesture

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In the mist of your smiles you can wave your hands at the fellow. You can as well move closer and extend your hands for a shake. Again as the smile gets more often, once in a while you can make for a side hug. you can prefer to hold the fellow for just some seconds while you say a word or make a statement and immediately disengage. Doing this is creating a mutual connection that can profer a successful mission.

  1. U need to love for real There are different kinds of love in existence. In as much as love acts like a spirit that detects its like. If the person you want to love actually loves you for real, while you on the other hand is just trying to lust. It is likely that the person may not love you no matter how hard you try. So, you need to ask yourself and make sure you truly love.
  2. Communicate your love with gifts
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This method is usually very common. Wooing someone with gifts. Some migtt give money gift while some may give edible or material gifts. Sometimes this method does not work. The fellow might misinterpret your mission for trying to buy him or her over. However, you can still perform this act in a more mature way. How?
Don’t just go all the way buying stuffs or gifting money. Your mission must start from simple courtesy. Then ask for a date . Now while asking for a date make it a snapy date, while in your date seek nothing but heart free discussion.

Take your courtesy serious

Truly you want to get someone fall in love. It better you start behaving civil. Put a high level of respect in your manners, and character especially when you are around the person. It’s best you do it always because people can still talk about your behaviour. Your attitude can make people love you.

  1. There is yet another way of making someone love you back. It is called follow up.
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Seek to know what the person want in life. For instance does the person want to attain a higher school learning. Does him or her wants to learn a skill. Learn about the persons future plan and contemplate within you how best to help out.
Device a means of helping the person and also follow up. This aspect shows that you care much.

Final advice: when you are sincerely in love with someone and truly want the person to love you back. It’s a good thing especially if your mission is genuine. Don’t attempt the mistake of having any feelings of physical contact. It might ruined your mission and you might also get discouragement at the bottom line. So, rule it out. Be your natural self and let the natural love come to you.

Originally posted 2021-09-15 08:05:34.

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